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SBJFastTech-PR-Award-IconR2 Unified Technologies, a leading provider of top technology solutions to mid-market businesses, governments, and educational systems, was recognized by South Florida’s Business Journal as one of the top 25 fastest-growing tech companies in the region. It is R2 Unified Technologies’ second time featured on the annual list, highlighting revenue growth of more than 107% between 2012 and 2013.Presented to honor those exemplary local technology firms, the South Florida Business Journal’s Fast Tech awards are designed to recognize outstanding local businesses who have achieved and exceeded their annual growth rates.

"We are honored to be recognized by the South Florida Business Journal for R2 Unified Technologies' revenue trajectory over the past three years. As we continue to grow our strategic relationships and innovate on services we can increasingly help our customers positively transform their data centers the way they operate to stay competitive in today's market."


Companies are ranked by percentage growth of annual revenues from 2012-2013. These awards are presented to organizations based in South Florida that create advanced technologies, provide IT solutions and service offerings, and achieve positive results for their clients. Ranked no. 3 in the list of 25 tech companies, R2 Unified Technologies' management team is proud of this accomplishment and attributes their success to their customers.

"We look to consult with business owners and their internal IT managers on a long-term solution designed to improve bottom-line results. The most effective things you can do for your organization's costs is [to] understand what good and bad spending is. We help lead companies in the right directions. We provide the roadmap and try to build a working relationship with the IT organization and the business until to help them in their decision-making process."

– Jamie Doherty, CEO and President of R2 Unified Technologies

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