The What and Why of Enterprise Data Protection

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By R2 Unified Technologies

Now more than ever, enterprises have a solemn obligation to handle employee and customer data with the utmost care. Unfortunately, malicious forces always seem to be one step ahead of the good guys.

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Data breaches steal personal health and identity information as well as trade secrets, credit card information, social security numbers, corporate information, and software source code. The best enterprise data protection solutions work to secure that valuable data against external and internal attacks while ensuring your business meets all compliance requirements.

Your business has a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing a data breach. Enterprise data protection helps you avoid hacking, corruption, and other types of data loss and, when a breach does occur, keeps your information accessible so you can keep your business up and running. It involves the delivery, monitoring, and managing of security across all data repositories and includes tools, techniques, and policies that make sure your organization’s data is secure no matter where it’s consumed or stored.What is Enterprise Data Protection?

Why You Need Enterprise Data Protection Services

As companies create, manage, and store an ever-growing amount of data, protections must be put in place to keep it secure. Why?

  • The threat of cyber attacks is constant, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid hackers and their arsenal of malware, automation, and social engineering tools.
  • Data breaches are expensive, damage an organization’s reputation, and put people’s most sensitive data at risk. Even large enterprises with substantial resources suffer when a hack occurs.  
  • Hackers are getting smarter and better at exploiting privileged data access, easily finding their way into what were once considered secure platforms.

Finally, data gives you a competitive advantage by helping to optimize operations, maintain accurate records, and better serve customers and employees.

Enterprise Data Protection Plans and Solutions

If you want to get serious about your company’s data storage and protection goals, you need to focus on building a comprehensive security strategy that includes tools designed to:

  • Allow data to be instantly accessible, but
  • Protected and hidden from external and internal cyber attackers.

Investing in the right system helps you outsmart malicious actors by using diligent monitoring and response planning to protect valuable data.

Experts agree that data breaches are more a matter of when, not if, for most organizations, big or small. As cyberattackers find new ways to access sensitive data, you’ll need to find and implement solutions to protect that information from attack.

In today’s data-rich world, it’s critical to have consistent continuity programs and disaster recovery plans policies and plans in place that protect your data from cyber threats. Dell’s Enterprise Data Protection solutions enable you to migrate critical data to the cloud securely and achieve compliance with confidence. Now is the time to invest in the next generation of enterprise data protection and ensure your organization is Big Data safe.

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